Who Am I? James Miller

‘ The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team’ (Phil Jackson) and we are definitely strengthening our team with this one. With the addition of the Fit Work Marlow Classes, we welcome with open arms James Miller. Lets find out more about him

How and why you started personal training?

Testing myself through Physical Activity has always been a passion of mine. Through my life I have loved and competed in rowing, rock climbing, rugby and martial arts. Even though some of the disciplines have you compete alone, you are still backed by your team and this is what has also drawn me to sports – the social aspect.

After 8 years in food retail, 4 as a manager, I couldn’t wait any longer to make my passion my career and show people the importance of sports for health and socialising, which is also fantastic for your mindset.

I started off my instructor journey at a great functional fitness gym in the area, which supported my growth and I feel that I have developed into a stronger trainer with my knowledge and experience and now take on personal training and classes.

Your qualifications?

I am a qualified Level 3 personal trainer and Level 4 sports therapist. This enables me to fully understand how the human body works and I can identify how to support my clients even further through sports massage. Learning how your body functions is so important and so my qualifications links to primal movement and getting your body to work how it is supposed to so it is more functional to carry on doing the activities you love.

What’s your favourite class for you to keep fit?

I actual love doing Obstacle course races (don’t judge) so OCR Conditioning (Obstacle Course Race conditioning) and Hiit are the ones for me. I really find them mentally stimulating and I am not afraid to get a little dirty in the mud. They keep me physically fit with an all body workout and builds team work!!

What do you do to relax?

I have a variety of things I love to do to relax. Relaxing to me can be sitting at the Pub and socialising with friends or a little bit of watching TV series and then at the other end of the spectrum – Adventure weekends. This can be getting out into nature and hiking, doing water sports, and just doing something different so that I’m constantly learning new skills.

Your favourite nutrition dish and what you do on your cheat day?

I LOVE Steak – Apart from tasting amazing, it is a delicious balance of protein and good fats. Make sure it is grilled rather than fried so it is a little bit healthier. Pop it with rice over chips (whole grain) as it has lower GI and doesn’t contain the fats that chips do through the oils. And then add as many greens as you can get on your plate; spinach, broccoli, peas etc.

I also can’t get enough of a good old Sunday Roast with beef.

What inspires you?

As you may have guessed, I am inspired by the interaction through sessions. I really enjoy being in the classes as we are working through it as a team, working towards our own goals but encouraging and supporting each other. It is great how everyone comes to have a laugh, work hard and have a good time. Perhaps have clients hate me and love me at the same time ☺

My Top Tip

When you begin your journey, restart your journey or looking to maintain it, don’t go in thinking that results are going to be instant. Look at fitness as an investment into yourself rather than that quick win. Just remember we are here to support you through the ups and downs

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