Reducing stress, pain and muscle tension with Pippa and James

Pippa is a Level 3 Qualified Sports Masseuse and is working towards qualifications in pre and post natal, scar and level 4 (to support clients with injuries)

Pippa understands the body regarding posture and imbalances, with massage building on good foundations for your to continue your fitness journey.

Call Pippa on 07739014942 to book directly

James is a Level 4 Sports Therapist. This enables him to fully understand how the human body works and he can identify how to support you even further through sports massage.

Learning how your body functions is so important and so his qualifications links to primal movement and getting your body to work how it is supposed to so it is more functional to carry on doing the activities you love.  

Call James on 07958185887 to book directly

£40 an Hour