100 days ago, I said to myself enough was enough and I reached out to my friend, mentor, boss and trainer Hannah Camden. I hadn’t exercised regularly for almost a year, I was incredibly unhappy, and I did not have a great relationship with my mind, body and food. I had been consumed by just getting through a day and panicking that I was not in the right place, but with no path to follow. I felt no passion or purpose and I, my relationships and my work suffered.

So, Hannah and I took the first step towards my self care, using a holistic approach to build healthy habits that were sustainable and focused around my mental wellness. I worked towards creating healthy relationships with my mind, body and spirit through wellness, fitness and nourishment. 

Here is what happened:

  • I smile more and feel joy often – even if it’s just seeing my dogs adventure face (it’s the best)
  • I have learnt patience 
  • I have learnt to understand that I don’t have to do everything perfectly and not to punish myself when I am imperfect
  • Realising I needed to dive deeper into my mental health and signed up for an 8 week ‘Release your Radiance’ Self Love course with Sabi Kerr where I have learnt about my self-worth, limiting beliefs that have been holding me back, forgiving myself for past mistakes and internally forgiving those who hurt me. I have learnt about how my ego has been a major part of controlling my actions and how to trust my intuition. I have tapped into my sensual feminine fire and started to build a respectful relationship with my body. I have practised manifesting the life I want and deserve, developed my creativity and realised I can have more than one passion. 
  • I am conscious about how I speak to myself
  • I have less moments of anxiety and low moments
  • I am mindful about my relationship with food and respect my nourishment
  • I have shared intimate and personal emotions, releasing anxiety that I held in certain areas
  • I take a break when I need to 
  • I have stopped using exercise as punishment for over-eating
  • I don’t wake up in the morning, looking forward to going to bed later
  • I have opened my mind to new opportunities
  • I am creating healthy boundaries and being ok with saying NO
  • I hold myself back less, putting aside my fear of being judged and of failure. It’s better to try and fail, then not try at all because I am scared of being uncomfortable. 
  • I am meditating regularly and am learning to breathe through anxiety
  • I have connected with people and built new friendships that are going to blossom into creative and beautiful moments, shared thoughts and learnings. 
  • A bi-product of nourishing myself with movement and food is that I have lost almost 20 cm lost from my entire body and 7kg of fat. 
  • I get between 6 and 8 hours of sleep a night, going to bed at 10pm-ish.. and waking up at 6.30am-ish
  • I have a morning routine, that I loosely stick to that includes journaling and sitting in bed, just enjoying my first coffee of the day
  • Daily Activity, including daily walk 30 + minutes, a Big Stretch once a week and high intensity at least 3 times a week 
  • I said YES to covering Fit Works Training classes after being too scared to try for 6 years 
  • I have built my Fit Works Training South Lakes business, created a journal for clients and I am almost ready to go live
  • I have almost finished my X-Hail qualification to teach X-Hail breathwork, movement and meditation to music

AND I know that this journey is not over. It is forever, there will be mistakes, highs and lows and that is ok. 

This is in no way a brag but a story of becoming self-aware and building determination that can come from asking for help. It can open up beautiful opportunities of growth that can come when we open our minds, welcome change with patience, with our mental wellness at the centre. 

Love Emma

If this connects with you in any way, do get in touch for support, to chat, to celebrate your step forward, to cheer you on where ever you are in your journey.