‘Passion is Energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excited you’ (Oprah Winfrey). And what excites us at Fitworks Training is creating a community of happier, healthier minds, bodies and souls. 💕 Our team is led by two inspiring trainers – Pippa Lance and Hannah Camden, who have joined forces to bring you empowered workouts and support in your fitness journey. Through their own personal experience and extensive knowledge in fitness, nutrition and well being, they will be there for you in any way that they can. So why do Pippa and Hannah make such a great pair?

‘I created this partnership with Hannah because everything she does is amazing and gives so much energy even after everything she has been through. She has always been a glass half full kinda girl, which I love!’ Pippa (2019)‘I love working with Pippa because her energy and passion is absolutely beautiful and this is the same for everyone I work with. 💕’ Hannah (2019)

With such a strong bond at the lead, FitWorks will continue to go from strength to strength. There is so much more available to our FitWorks community.We are so grateful for your continuing support and can’t wait to see you out there for a workout in the fresh air!!Fitworks Training xx