Fitness Classes

There are so many classes to suit where you are in your fitness journey from HIIT, Strength, Movement Flow and so much more!


This High Intensity Interval training class gets you moving in every different direction, getting your heart rate up, breathing up working so many different muscles at the same time to create a demand on your heart and lunges so you will be burning fat throughout the class and even after the class finishes! Don’t be afraid, everyone takes it at their own pace. Rest when you need to, we are there to push you. 


This Low Impact Resistance Band Workout is a fantastic alternative to weight training for all levels of fitness, including post pregnancy. With a variety of moves, we will build strength, endurance, flexibility in our upper and lower body. 

Equipment Needed: Resistance Bands

ONLINE Strength

This at home, all round body weight Strength Class will focus on our smaller and larger muscles to burn calories, tone, define and increase muscle strength, and support the prevention of injury. 

Pump it up 

This fast paced Barbell Strengthening Workout is set to get your heart rate and breathing raised. While we work through each muscle group, our muscles will tone, strengthen and burn calories, including our core!

Equipment Needed: Barbell 

Balanced Out 

This movement class, inspired by several different movement disciplines will work on your flexibility, mobility and strength, as well as connecting and harmonising with our bodies through breath. 

ONLINE Barbell 

A functional barbell class designed to work the whole body in just 30 minutes! We move through different planes, pushing, pulling and lifting to increase our heart rate and breathing. We work through our muscles groups simultaneously to build our strength and mobility, plus develop better coordination, balance and kinetics awareness.

Equipment Needed: Barbell 

Fit to Run® / Walk (HCR® )

This class is designed as a 6 week programming, supporting your return to running. Each week, we will work through mobilisation and strengthening drills, building resilience through our entire body to prevent injury as we walk or run..

Body Blast

This energetic body weight class will leave you feeling incredible, through functional movements that will work on our athletic ability, agility and stamina. 


We jump onto our bikes and journey in our living room for this fantastic Spin class. As well as burning calories, we will work on our cardio, and improve our strength and endurance through sprints, resistant hill climbs, sitting and standing. 

Equipment Needed: Spin Bike or Bike with a turbo trainer


Learning how to link breathwork with movement, inspired by yoga, pilates, animal flow and capoeira. Slow controlled movement to work on movement, flexibility and body weight strength. 


With a set of clubs, Pahlavandles or light dumbbells, we work on mobility, flexibility and strength through a series of movement. Did you know, the cross body patterns of club swinging have significant impact on cognitive functions, helping reconnect damaged nerve pathways and build new ones. Overall, club swinging will help you develop better coordination, balance and kinetics awareness while having fun too!

Equipment Needed: A Set of Clubs, Pahlavandles or light dumbbells

*There will always be alternative moves and low-impact options so no matter where you are in your fitness journey, injuries and abilities, this class is for all!

ONLINE Kettlebells

Kettlebell Fit enables you to increase your strength, build up speed as well as endurance at the same time. The kettlebell movements flow together really well, moving in different direction while training to work the whole body at the same time.

It is a fantastic way to functionally challenge the whole body, plus strengthen our core and back.

Equipment Needed: KettleBell 


Barre is a combination of ballet barre techniques and Pilates influences that can be used for a low impact, conditioning workout. Think of an alternative to Legs Bums & Tums. You can tone, tighten and stretch while working on posture and core stability creating a longer and stronger physique. Barre Fit workouts consist of small, pulsing, isometric exercises combined with the dance elements.

Equipment Needed: Chair or Stable Surface

HCR Heat ® (HCR® )

In the HCR ‘Heat’ programme, we’ve finally nailed exercise for fat loss that is also ‘Pelvic Floor Friendly’!  It’s a ‘no-jump’ workout that truly will hit all the fat loss markers and jump start your metabolism and keep you burning calories for hours after the exercise session.  Once you’ve gone through the ‘Every Woman’ programme, ‘Heat’ is your next step and we truly take it up a notch or two with a change in music and tempo to truly get you moving but with a deep respect for your Pelvic Health.  Ultimately, IT CAN BE DONE. You can keep both feet on the ground and still have effective fat loss!

Equipment Needed: Resistance Bands

*There will always be alternative moves and low-impact options so no matter where you are in your fitness journey, injuries and abilities, this class is for all!

Your Options to Join

Monthly £55 unlimited

Monthly £40 up to 3 classes a week

Monthly £25 one session a week

Pay as you go £10 a session

Joint Membership £70 up to 3 a week for 2 people

P.S. No joining Fee and No contracts



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