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Fitness Classes



These are our outdoor park classes programmed with a new phase each month to keep training fun and effective, learn new skills, feel and see yourself improve in so many different ways. Fitness, strength, coordination, balance, speed and agility.


This class is a fitness class designed around using an MMA kick shield and boxing pads, you will work on learning the basic strikes and different combo’s, this classes is designed for all levels of fitness and you do not have to have had any experience with MMA or boxing in the past.


Strongman training for everyone! This session is a session to come along to and learn new skills, new lifts and have some fun. Each week we will focus on a couple of different bits of kits to master also have a medley to challenge us. 


A functional barbell class designed to work the whole body in just 30 minutes! We move through different planes, pushing, pulling and lifting to increase our heart rate and breathing. We work through our muscles groups simultaneously to build our strength and mobility, plus develop better coordination and balance.


Low impact cardio and strengthening exercises is the perfect combo to help you cope with demands of motherhood as we concentrate on the muscle groups that need a little more TLC after pregnancy and into motherhood.


These are our outdoor classes programmed with a new phase each month to keep training fun and effective, learn new skills, feel and see yourself improve in so many different ways.  Fitness, strength, coordination, balance, speed, agility…..  Most of all to look forwards to your training and to meet like minded people to train with in the fresh outdoors! Ejoying the weather every season brings!


This class is designed to tone, build muscle, increase strength and to support prevention of injury. Using different pieces of kit working though different phases of training. Focusing on tempo training, challenging the body to challenging weights looking at high volume and fatigue sets.


This class is designed around trainig for kettlebell competitions.  It will be a mix of different lifts and techniques.  


Come join us for pahlavandles, clubs and mace. This class will be free flow, music, bring a cuppa, chilled and have a good time. We can go through different flows or just a chance to go through some skills. Come along to socialise and maybe try something new, work on your, coordination, cognitive function, mobility and flexibility. Please bring your own kit if you have it, if not we sell Pahlavandle or have some you can try out. 


Xtreme Hip-Hop™️! combines Xtreme cardio, the step board, hip-hop music, and lots of swag to provide a full-body workout.  Our Mission Statement is to breathe life back into fitness and make it fun for all ages, cultures, genders, and fitness levels.  Xtreme Hip-Hop™️ classes provide a fun, safe, and full-body workout for 45 min.  With decades of research providing strong evidence on the benefits of step aerobics. Xtreme Hip-Hop™️ can reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease, hypertension, colon cancer, and diabetes. Being physically active will also enhance your mental well-being because of the endorphins released during exercise.


This class will be focusing on working your glutes.  


There is multiple benefits to yoga including strengthing the whole body and mind.  This will be a class for all levels wither your brand new to yoga or been going for while.  Its time for you to take a moment and work on your mind and body. 


Learning how to link breathwork with movement, inspired by yoga, pilates, animal flow and capoeira. Slow controlled movement to work on movement, flexibility and body weight strength.



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