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Ben Causer

Fit6 Sports injury clinic.

Ben is an experienced Sports Therapist with over 25 years in the Fitness Industry.

His main USP is bridging the gap between rehab and performance, whether in life or in sport.

He takes a whole body approach when it comes to dealing with injuries and does this through an extensive initial consultation. This involves a full postural screen, gait analysis, movement screen and manual testing for muscular imbalances.

If any further sessions are required he will use a mixture of soft tissue manipulation with mobility and stability exercises in order to speed up your recovery process.

You will also get access to an app called True Coach where all your rehabilitation and strength exercises will be set. On this app you will also get access to an online video library of all these exercises in order to assist you in your recovery journey.

He will be working at Fitworks Training HQ:
Tues 12pm-8pm
Weds 7.30am-8pm
Thurs 7.30am-12pm

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