Check out the memberships we offer below, see which one suits you best.   

Unlimited £80

This will give you access to all classes including online.  You can attend as many classes a week as you would like wither that be outdoor, at the new hub or online.  


Three Classes a Week £65

With this membership you can choose each week what three classes you would like to attend.  It can be any of the outdoor classes or indoor classes.  It does exclude online classes. 


Outdoor Classes Only £40

You will have access to all our outdoor classes which take place at beaconsfield rugby club.  It will allow you to pick as many of the outdoor sessions you wish to attend each week.  Excludes Online Classes

One Class a Week £32

With this membership you can select a class a week that will work around your day to day.  That can range from indoor or outdoor classes. Excludes Online Classes


Online Classes Only £25

We have many online classes so if doing a workout in the comfort of your home is for you then this may suit.  You will have access to book as many online classes each week as you would like, there is a wide range of times and styles.  


Pay as You Go £15

If your not to sure what you can attend each week then you can pay as go.  This allows you to select the class you wish to attend and pay at the time of booking.  Excludes Online Classes

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