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Emily runs the Fitworks Training in Chinnor/Thame.

I enjoyed sports as a child and swam competitively in my teens. I was one of the only girls that turned up for my form for sports day so ended up competing in most of the events. My favourite event was always sprinting, I hated the longer running events and sadly I’m still not a long distance runner!

I became a regular at outdoor classes and loved exercising outside but the life changer form was the 3 peaks Challenge. Hannah mentioned the 3 Peaks to me and without allowing myself to think too much I said yes. The training for the challenge, the friends I made and the feeling of accomplishment when I finished had me hooked. It was also a massively freeing experience, when you are out of your comfort zone you aren’t thinking about the stress of work or anything other than completing the physical challenge that your body is facing.

I followed the 3 Peaks with triathlon training and became the fittest that I have ever been. Most of the photos that I have of me TRULY smiling, are those of me when I am training, or completing a challenge. I know it’s me at my happiest. In fact, my husband jokes that it’s best to stay clear of me if I haven’t trained for a while . . . it’s essential for my mental health and probably my family’s.

Reaching 40 was a big landmark for me. I’ve started to feel slight niggles in my body and so training to strengthen and prevent injury as I go into the next phase of my life is really important to me.

For the last couple of years, I have run a company that helps businesses to put their employee’s wellbeing at the heart of what they do. There is a huge need for people like me, working in stressful desk jobs, to learn how to put their physical and mental wellbeing first and I believe that the companies we work for have a responsibility to help us do this. But I also love the energy of being outside with people and seeing people develop a love of fitness and a community through training so I decided to bring this to my local community through Fitworks Training.


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