The Team

Pippa Lance

Pippa is completely inspired by her clients. They want to make a change and put in great effort to do so! They are forever improving, and she loves watching the change!!

Pippa has her PT qualification and recently got my Level 3 sports massage therapy. For the mothers out there, she wanted to truly understand fitness so she is Buggy Fit and Pre/ Post Natal qualified – while currently finishing advances pre and post-natal courses, and while also getting her qualification in with Holistic core restore® which covers things such as pelvic floor foundation, Diastasis, prolapse, hysterectomy, bump, 4th trimester. This is not only for mothers but for all women! She is currently studying the 3rd age women and the effects of exercise and nutrition 😊

Pippas Top Tip!!

Don’t beat yourself up, keep on making the good changes, and if you slip up it’s ok, you can still move forward. It’s all about balance

Hannah Camden

Happiness and health are the most important things in life. Life brings so many different challenges, but it only makes you a stronger person and Hannah has become a stronger person and instructor through her personal experiences.

Hannahs first job out of school was on a gym reception so from then on her passion built, while also doing all her relevant qualifications to be able to bring training and inspiration to peoples lifestyles. She ended up working in loads of different gyms, taking all and as many different classes from circuits, body pump, spin, aqua, pre/ post natal.

Hannah owned a functional fitness gym with a previous partner for 3 years and has now joined forces with Pippa to build Fit Works Training into an even stronger team.

Hannah’s Top Tip!!

Everyone is different, everyone has their own lives, live your life , be happy, be healthy, be active and surround yourself with people with all the above too or be part of showing them the way. Live in the moment as there is nothing you can do about the past, be thankful and learn from everything you do, it’s good to have a vision but live in the moment. Be happy.

Mia Pritchard

Mia struggled with her weight growing up and spent years being a yo-yo dieter, trying and failing with the gym. She has struggled in the past to motivate herself so she asked for help. Her brother became a qualified personal trainer in 2014 and he has been training Mia, motivating her and supporting her since then. After being inspired by Harry, she has now been a qualified fitness instructor for a year.

Taking on being a fitness instructor has been by far the best decision Mia has ever made and she loves that she can help people every day using her own experience and growing knowledge.

Mias Top Tip!!

Enjoy your training journey as it is not an overnight success so take ownership of your time. Always try and keep a good balance of training and nutrition and relaxation.

Emma Sowerby

After being a competitive swimmer through her childhood, Physical Activity has always been embedded in Emma’s life and it has guided quite a lot of her choices. She has always loved how it makes her feel after a workout and it does wonders for her mindset.

Emma is a qualified Level 4 Personal Trainer with a Bsc in Sport and Exercise Science and Masters in Sports Business. She is currently supporting Fit Works Training through Personal Training, Group Movement and the running of our social medias/ strategy planning.

When she isn’t working, we will usually find her on the side of a mountain hiking or rock climbing, trying to push towards her own goals.

Emma’s Top Tip

Always surround yourself with people who encourage you, support you and understand you. The motivation you get is incredible and you can also be completely yourself. Don’t hide who you are and believe in your power!

Emma Gyasi

Emma was a dance teacher for many years until 5 years ago she attended a Barre class in the US. She loved it so much she took her ETM & Barre qualifications and left education to teach in the fitness industry. Since then Emma has taught her version of Barre locally and across London.

You can find Emma every Monday morning for Barre Fit in Beaconsfield!!

Emma’s Top Tip

Find something you ENJOY to treat as exercise and get your body moving – it doesn’t have to be lifting iron or doing sit ups!! Tip – add some of your fave music!!

Lisa McRae

Lisa has always had a passion for sport and exercise and just like Emma, was a competitive swimmer growing up. Being dedicated and committed to a sport at a young age really cemented her strong personal drive and motivation, something that has stayed with her into adult life. She loves the ‘buzz’ of a workout, particular in a group, and exercises not just for the physical but also the mental benefits. Lisa loves to really challenge her physical limits and she feels truly privileged to be able to motivate and inspire others to do the same through group exercise. Lisa qualified as a Level 4 Personal Trainer in 2010, has an Exercise to Music (ETM) qualification and a Masters in Sports Science. Typically you’ll find her teaching strength, cardio, flow or spinning classes. 

Lisa’s Top Tip

Preparation and structure may sound boring but they are often the best way to ensure that you are successful in achieving your personal goals. Definitely include plenty of food in your diet and activities that you enjoy,  be kind to yourself and take the time to plan your week! Just make sure you don’t berate yourself if not everything goes quite to plan!

Laura Hearn

After being a primary school teacher for 12 years, Laura has taken her joy for teaching and combined it with her passion for exercise. With support from her wonderful family and the Fit Works Training Team, she stepped forward with confidence and became a qualified personal trainer. She is bursting with love for this new journey, sharing her experience and expertise in fitness and wellness with members current and new.

She loves being outdoors, plus a super sweaty HIIT workout and hardcore bootcamp, come sun or snow!

She is here to support members to feel body confidence, to feel empowered and strong!

Laura’s Top Tip

Follow your instincts and be the change you want in your life. Acknowledge what makes you feel good and do it often. Accept that it is normal to feel down, anxious or demotivated sometimes and give yourself permission to have a rest. Always be unapologetically yourself: be loud, take up space, know your worth and don’t waste time with regrets. Then surround yourself with people who lift each other up, removing the toxic relationships that do not serve you – “Stop searching for water from the well that poisoned you.”